Personhood FL ProLife PAC: Joe Wicker Endorsed for the 2018 Primary and General Election

Personhood FL ProLife PAC has increased our list of endorsed, prolife candidates for federal, state, district, and local offices across Florida to over 65. Endorsed candidates include Florida Commissioner of Agriculture candidates Matt Caldwell and Denise GrimsleyFL Senator Dennis Baxley, Florida House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues, Florida House Majority Whip Dane Eagle, FL House Members Jennifer Sullivan, Stan McClain, Mel Ponder, and Robert “Bobby O” Olszewski, Palm Beach County judicial candidate Allen “Antonio” Ambrosino, and local candidates from over 16 counties. Personhood FL ProLife PAC endorsed Republicans, Democrats, and NPA candidates for every office from US House to county hospital boards and every position in-between.

All endorsed candidates signed a Personhood Affirmation indicating their agreement to Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s comprehensive prolife principles covering not only abortion but also abortion funding, RU-486, fetal stem cell research, human cloning, fetal tissue research, and assisted suicide and euthanasia. Candidates also affirmed that all humans should be protected under the Florida and US Constitutions from the beginning of the biological development of that human being to natural death. Moreover, candidates agreed to defend all innocent human life including preborn babies irrespective of their manner of conception, the elderly, and the disabled. (Read Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s ProLife Principles and Personhood Affirmation here.)

Personhood FL ProLife PAC Chair1 Bryan Longworth praised the endorsements and encouraged prolife voters to support prolife candidates. “Personhood FL ProLife PAC has today endorsed candidates who have committed to protecting all innocent human life, without exception. It’s no longer sufficient to merely be against abortion in certain circumstances. Being prolife in the 21st Century demands that we defend innocent human life in and out the womb from beginning to end. I encourage prolife Florida voters to support these candidates with their votes, their time, and their donations.”

The following candidates have signed the Personhood FL ProLife PAC Personhood Affirmation demonstrating their commitment to be prolife in the 21st Century.

Please note that we are continuing to process candidate paperwork daily, so check back often to see if additional candidates in your area have been endorsed.