Greyhound Friendly Candidates Need Your Support - Grey2K USA

Dear Friends,

This fall, several greyhound friendly candidates will appear on the ballot in Florida. These candidates will be running for either the Florida State House or Florida State Senate, and need your help. Please note that these are candidates running for the state legislature in Tallahassee, not the US Congress in Washington D.C.

Over the last two years, GREY2K USA has fought hard for a bill to decouple greyhound racing from other forms of gambling in the Sunshine State. Right now there are thousands of greyhounds living in small cages at racetracks across Florida, and these dogs urgently need our help.

I am confident that we can pass greyhound decoupling, along with other greyhound protection laws. First, however, we need to ensure that the candidates who support greyhound protection win election to the state legislature.

Greyhound breeders have already spent thousands of dollars trying to elect candidates who will prop up the cruel dog racing industry, and we need to work extra hard to counter them. Today, we are announcing our endorsement of twenty-six legislative candidates across the state. You will find a full list of these endorsements below.

Please support these candidates. If you live in one of the districts where one of these endorsed candidates is running, please vote for him or her. Also please consider volunteering for these campaigns, and making direct campaign contributions to the candidates. Finally, if you are able to support these candidates please let them know that you are helping their campaign because of their leadership on greyhound protection issues.

Thank you for caring about the greyhounds. Together, we can end the cruelty of dog racing in Florida forever.